Individual Classes

We are very flexible and provide individual classes when you want, and where you want. We have done lessons in students’ homes, offices, coffee shops and many other places too. For individual classes we are flexible to offer times that work for you, just contact us to work out what works for you.

Group Classes

Group Classes can be tailored just like individual classes, you can have them where you want, when you want, just contact us to work out what works. Contact us bellow for these.

We have weekday group lessons, which times are listed below.

Online Classes

I additionally do lessons for people who are working in remote areas of the country or that are traveling a lot. I can do the class over most professional and social media platforms. whatever works for you. To find out more information, just contact me.

My Book

I have written my own Khmer language book which is focused on teaching you grammar and vocabulary outside of your normal lessons. The book offers a wide range of exercises tailored to teach you helpful phrases for day to day life, while also showing you how those phrases are formed in Khmer. For more information have a look at my book, where you can try the first lesson in the book.

Lessons Pricing

Here is the basic breakdown of all our pricing for all the different lessons and services we offer.

Group Lessons


Monday-Friday ( Morning class) :

8:00am-11:30am, 1:00pm-5:00pm


8:00am-11:30am, 1:00pm-5:00pm



Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking and Conversation.

Program available all level

Kon Khmer providing services after business hours on request.

Individual Lessons


Within business hours

 Individual one to one lesssons

$5 per Hour

Group study (2 up to 5 students)

$4 per student (per lesson)


After business hours:


$6 per Hour

Group study (2 up to 5 students)

$5 per student (per lesson)

Online Lessons

We do it for $8 an Hour

Books and Literature

  • Level 1:  $4 per book (Listening Speaking).
  • Level 2 and up:  $5 per book (Listening Speaking).
  • Reading book:  3$
  • Khmer grammar and vocabulary book: $12.50
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