About Me

Teaching and Our Lessons

Our History

Kon Khmer tutor was established on 2nd January in 2017, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was set up to offer Khmer lessons to everyone who want to learn the language and culture to improve their life in Cambodia. Kon Khmer offers group classes (times listed below), individual classes and online study courses. Having taught many people over a long period of time, I have a very high success rate in teaching Khmer.

our flexibility

We are very flexible and provide individual classes when you want, and where you want. We have done lessons in students’ homes, offices, coffee shops and many other places too. For individual classes we are flexible to offer times that work for you, just contact us to work out what works.

How we work

 We teach sentence structure, vocabulary and conversational Khmer for you to use in everyday life. We teach advanced Khmer to those who want to know more and improve on what they already know. Finally we also tailor our teaching to those who want specific language, we will specialize your lessons for what you need to know for work. 

  • Offer all type of lesson
  • Fast learning and easy to understand with highly experience teacher.
  • Flexible times, schedule and location.
  • High quality teaching
  • Specialized lesson structure
  • What you want, formal and informal speaking ( Slang words)
  • Competitive pricing.
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