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About me

Hi, my name is Hem Borany, you can call me Rany. I am a self-made Cambodia woman, who speaks Khmer, English, Chinese and a little Vietnamese. I have been teaching Khmer to expats, locals and repatriates for over 3 years.

I want to introduce people to my countries language and in doing so I will teach you about Khmer culture, traditions and ever little aspect of life in Cambodia. I will teach you what you want, if that is just speaking/ listening and (or) reading and writing.

Wherever you’re from I am excited to meet you and learn about your culture while teaching you my own.

Learning Khmer allows you to explore your life in Cambodia, in a totally new way that you haven’t experienced before.

Kon Khmer is a private tutoring service that aims to provide the best quality Khmer language teaching to expats, locals and repatriates. We really want to work with people who are enthusiastic and excited to learn Khmer and open up the new opportunities the language offers, in work, socially and everyday life.  

We work with you, meaning we make our services all focused around you. So you learn what you want to learn and when you want to learn it. We are all very experienced as teachers and are there to help you developing the correct speaking, listening, writing and reading. Additionally we heavily focus on the clarity and understandability, when speaking (which is very important with our language).


pupils talk

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